Survival: The Energy Oasis

I’ve recently been recovering from a sinus infection. I’m taking a serious treatment of antibiotics to carpet bomb any potential bronchitis or other respiratory infection that has sprung up. I’ve been recovering since December, but this is the third time the symptoms have slowed me down and the first time I’ve taken any prescription medication. […]

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The Right to Grow

Pain and the fear of pain are motivating often enough, but when they don’t motivate; they can easily leave you crippled and helpless. Struggling to make sense of the situation it’s easy to ask, “Why did this happen?” to blame God or ask him why it happened. The more powerful question is, “God, how are […]

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Fighting; My Mistress

Most people would introduce their passion for fighting, their relationship to it or the role it plays in their lives as a great story about themselves or what fighting has done for them. To me, fighting is a woman and I’m just trying to set my boundaries right. If I’m going to be completely honest […]

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Written Spirituality

It started yesterday in Contemporary Theology class. All 7 of us were sitting in a circle like we usually do, discussing the finer points of Postcolonial Biblical Interpretation. I had shown up a few minutes late. I had trouble with the printer before running out the door with my thesis statement. I tried not to […]

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