Gangster Karate Brings Back the Golden Days

Next week, the Redding martial arts village is going to have a new contributor on the streets of Shasta Lake City.

Golden State Sports Club is holding its grand opening at its new location in Shasta Lake City on Saturday, February 6th at 11:00 AM at 4052 Shasta Dam Blvd, Shasta Lake City, 96019.

Golden State, also known as G-State is a martial arts club founded on the novel idea of providing a facility for the larger martial arts community.

“Its created as a platform to host multiple styles of martial arts and fitness activities,” G-State owner and sensei Bill Harris said.

G-State already offers a mix of classes in different disciplines from Japanese Karate to boxing, kickboxing, Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but the program is built to accommodate more as more instructors sign up to contribute their skills.

“We molded it like a rec center would be run where you have different kinds of activities going at different times and then you just schedule them in how they fit,” said Sensei Harris.

Sensei Bill Harris, who started G-State in 2012, is a karate practitioner and mixed martial artist who grew up a Redding native.

“I started doing Japanese Karate when I was really young. My father has ran commercial karate schools throughout his youth, worked in other facilities and then ran his own before I was born, so I just was kinda a little dojo rat growing up” Sensei Harris said. “I had a lot of teaching experience growing up in the environment that I did. I had to do my part for the dojo, and that was helping out, teaching classes and stuff like that.”

Bill holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Wado Kai Karate, a Japanese Okinawan martial art.

“I started very young doing traditional Japanese karate mainly, and then Taekwondo and Korean martial arts,” Sensei Harris said. “I got my first black belt in 1996, was made head instructor and 2nd-degree black belt of my system in 2009 and got my third-degree black belt in 2015.”

The G-State program offers Wado Kai in its curriculum, but Sensei Harris does not limit his students or himself to just one style of martial art.
“My first casino fight was in 1995, a kickboxing match and then I’ve boxed, kickboxed and cage fought since then,” Sensei Harris said.

G-State plans to collaborate with the existing community of instructors and students to offer more programs as possible. The goal is to function as a fitness and martial arts rec center for the area.

For inquiries and questions about instructing and membership call Sensei Bill Harris: (530) 921-5847

To make a donation to the effort for accessible martial arts in the Redding area follow the link below:

For more information regarding the grand opening go to:

For G-State classes and events follow G State on FaceBook:

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