How To Write A Letter Of Encouragement

A letter of encouragement is a powerful thing. They take five to ten minutes to write. They surprise people, delivering a positive message in a unique and almost extinct way.

The formula is simple:

Start with an informal greeting such as “Hi” or “Hey” followed by the first name of the person you are addressing. This is an informal letter. Formal letters of encouragement are not personal and can come across political.

My letters then start with a statement that God put it on my heart to write a letter of encouragement to that person.

“God put it on my heart to write you this letter of encouragement.”

I then divulge an admiration for what I see as their strengths, things I admire or appreciate, that I believe in them and that God has a plan for their life. These statements are always positive and affirming, but not swooning or affectionate.

The final piece is a declaration of the movement for writing encouraging letters which almost always includes mention of the fact that if you take some of the time you spend on your mobile device and put it towards writing a hand made letter you are doing a great deal of good at very minimal cost to the writers.

The letter is then signed, prefaced, “Sincerely”.

A hand written things are becoming more and more scarce in today’s digitized society.

Make a difference in a changing world.

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